One Ordinary Mom


Growing up as a first-generation American, I often felt lonely and there wasn't anything very special about me.  My mom & dad left their country, and all of their family, to make a better life for themselves and build a future family in the United States.

Through those early years of my life, my Heavenly Father consistently whispered in my heart, "You are mine."  Now, as a wife to my best friend, Ben, and mom to our 3 children, He continues to whisper that same promise to me.  God still picks up my broken pieces and faithfully creates better pictures than I would've ever designed for myself.  It is my hope that YOU will leave this blog knowing that you, too, are never alone and that a passionate God uses the ordinary and does the extraordinary.

When I am not homeschooling or chauffeuring my athletic kids, I am trying to get alone time with my husband, serving MOPS leaders as a MOPS Community Coach, or of course...writing :-).

~ Nydia Stecky